STAMP - “Sustainable Technology Acquisition Mentoring Program”

The “Sustainable Technology Acquisition Mentoring Program” is an integrated hands-on apprenticeship and industrial workshop training before, between and beyond the conventional classroom/laboratory instruction.

  • o Pre-STAMP: Runs a skills acquisition empowerment curriculum that equips unskilled hands with functional DIY skills for improved domestic and survival technical capacity and prepares talented non-technologically qualified candidates for certification and career programs in industrial technology and engineering.

  • o In-STAMP: Is the integrated residential internship training built into the various engineering and technology degree programs on our campuses that makes our graduates zero-wait state ready for industry even before degrees conferment and certification. The unique core strength of the In-STAMP internship program is its 48-month extended skills acquisition apprenticeship exposure to, and calibrated workshop floor engagement by the manufacturing/processing companies located within the Industrial Park precincts of the MGC. Perhaps no less impacting is the cognate Teamwork value imbibed in the graduation project requirement.

  • o Post-STAMP: Indisputably the most comprehensive and longest lasting economic, social, and mental impact-stamping seal of the STAMP is this post-training phase designed to achieve a zero idle capacity of successful STAMP alumni in a national economy where the worsening unemployment rate of young people between the ages of twenty-forty has already hit above fifty percent. The achievement of this strategic full employment objective is reinforced by the wholistic package of post-training options available to the intern:
    1. a) Local Employment Agency Placement [LEAP];
    2. b) Overseas Technical Employment Placement [OTEP];
    3. c) Alumni Group Entrepreneurship Cooperative [AGECoop];
    4. d) Personal Microfinanced Venture [PMV];
    5. e) Tertiary Training Track [TTT].

MiST - Canadore Partnership Programs Jointly offered by Canadore College and Nipissing University


• Criminology and Criminal Justice (B.A., PGDip. Policing stream)

• Social Welfare and Social Development (B.A. Hons., PGDip)

• Nursing (BScN; RN)

• Environmental Technology and Science (BSc., PGDip Environmental Technician - Protection and Compliance


 Acting for Stage & Screen

 Aircraft Structural Repair Technician

 Aircraft Structural Repair Technician (Manufacturing & Inspection)

 Aviation Technology (Aircraft Maintenance & Avionics)

 Aviation Technology (Aircraft Maintenance & Structures)

 Broadcasting (Television & Video Production)

 Building Construction Technician

 Civil Engineering Technology

 Computer Programmer Analyst

 Computer Systems Network Technology

 Construction Project Management

 Culinary Skills - Chef Training

 Digital Cinematography

 Ecotourism

 Environmental Management

 Environmental Technology

 Graphic Design

 Healthcare Administration

 Helicopter Flight Training

 Mechanical Engineering Technology

 Mechanical Technician

 Machinist

 Plumbing

 Welder Fitter

 Mental Health & Addiction Worker

 Media Post Production

 Occupational Therapist & Physiotherapist Assistant

 Railway Car Technician

 Respiratory Therapy

 Strength & Sports Conditioning

 Supply Chain Management

 Youth At Risk


The “Earn2learn Degree Apprenticeship” are different from the In-Stamp program in that they are structured, funded and operated exclusively in collaboration with industry Partners, Governments and other key employers of labor with the sole purpose of optimizing the development of a highly skilled workforce. They combine fulltime paid employment with part-time university studies structured according to priorities established by collaborating corporate partners, to cultivate employee loyalty and upgrade productivity by giving existing workforce a real chance to earn while learning and fast tracking career mobility.

This win-win scheme though already in use in the European Union (EU) and North America, is nevertheless for the Nigerian workspace a breathtaking innovation which application would need to be supported by a government-funding legislation as an incentive to industries to make it more appealing.

Institutional Network Programs Compatibility/Flexibility

Within the framework of internal campus residency requirements, and because of a systems wide quality assurance with regards to academic regulations, course contents, teaching standards and assessment models, all MiST courses carry identical institutional course codes for identical curriculum and are therefore freely interchangeable systems wide.