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MiST EDUCare Global is Africa EDUCare’s Maranatha brand sustainable development HEAT (Healthcare, Education, Agriculture and Technology) exchange across the globe.

It works as a reverse engineering exchange for developing economies of the Southern Hemisphere to access accelerated capacity building and operating systems support for development at the most favorable terms from the Northern hemisphere. A win-win exchange it is for the advanced economies who there gain access to emerging markets for products and services that guarantee more lucrative returns on investment. This development model design is built with Africa in mind, uniting the world’s finest professionals, technologies and operating systems, to achieve a reverse engineering of skills and knowledge for local impact in global development.

“Maranatha” invokes a knowledge-based accountability in which individual life choices are ultimately restored from virtual reality and rewarded at an appointed end-game time. Its overarching essence in today’s value-traumatized socio-political global economy with its structural and infrastructural decay in public and private life, consists in reviving and restoring a work ethic in which expected output would be a direct derivative of input and nothing else. The Maranatha System work-ethic is Productivity Driven, Accountability Centered, and Teamwork Anchored, and the sustainable corporate wealth creation and personal savings strategy of this initiative intentionally promotes a development-oriented model of deferred gratification over the pervasive craze for instant consumption.

As an emerging global brand, Africa EDUCare is fueled by an appreciation of and innate quest for quality, creativity and individual responsibility. Having to channel its efforts through formal institutional structures for impact in no way diminishes its corporate zeal to shoot beyond a mere pursuit of qualifications, certificates and degrees conferment or programs. It’s overarching purpose is the full restoration of the whole person to a pristine state of physical, social, mental and spiritual creational existence in a wholesome work and home environment. Hence, the “Maranatha Garden City” - a child of providence.

Creating a prototype fully residential, aesthetic, serene and picturesque study-friendly natural educational institution campuses. This environment is designed to nurture a new breed of creativity-wired students who are challenged to, individually and collectively in teamwork, mine out solutions to the simple and complex technological challenges in the Nigerian and African society and industry, as a preliminary step to an export solutions and applications marketing. Each campus or institution is structured into a design of two Core Districts surrounded by between three-five Supporting districts:

  • o Residential Estate
  • o Commercial/Business District
  • o Hospitality/Recreational
  • o Industrial Park
  • o Agricultural District
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Maranatha Brand

The MARANATHA brand was structurally developed as a nationwide world class educational network system in Engineering and Technology. Designed to deliver a disruptive Ivy League quality innovation of success in teaching, research and market applications, MiST “Brainbox” is strategically located on the Maranatha Garden City, Ikenne-Remo, Ogun State, a futuristic Smart City environment under development to refresh. With supporting unique workshops and laboratories dedicated to focused areas such as Aerospace Engineering and Aviation Sciences, Defense/Naval Engineering, Satellite Communications, Computer Aided Design, Electrical Machines, Materials Testing, Laser Welding, Hydraulics and Fluids, Concrete, Large Structures and Geotechnics, etc.., the institution will equip students with knowledge and functional skills needed to define a new day in technology education for Africa, and excel in tomorrow's highly globalized world.

Maranatha Educational Systems

The Maranatha Institute of Science & Technology system (MiST) as an entrepreneurial University, is a unique radial platform for novices to gain creative insight across the whole range of engineering and technology disciplines as well as their application and adaptation to gain dominion of all creation. It equally provides irreplaceable opportunities for battle-scarred technicians to retool and catch a refreshing breath of innovations and be "infected" with the air of digital electronics and engineering globalization. The conceptual bridge between classroom knowledge to workshop skills and consumer market should be anchored in the world of clinical learning rather than belatedly reserved in isolation for the world of clerical work.

MiST Academic Structure

Within the organizational network, a MiST institution essentially comprises in differing varieties structured according to the Benchmark Area of Strategic Excellence (BASE) of each, between three to five undergraduate colleges and a Postgraduate College working in tandem due to the unique overlapping structure of degree programs offered. Each College in turn regroups highly specialized academic and professional Schools administering more homogeneous bodies of knowledge from a common general education base. Finally MACOVA, the vocational training institute designed to equip medium level technicians with support skills vital to the critical success of design and construction engineers as well as to ensure the subsequent maintenance of high tech installations for sustainability, is equally aligned in its capacity focus, to the specific specialization of each MiST institution on which it is located.. For the specializations and specific structure of any given campus, kindly refer to its documentation.


Raison d’Être

Africa MeduCorps Development Foundation (AMDF) is designed to function with an umbilical life cord liaison, as the community development arm and face that translates the Africa EDUCare motto, “We Care4Africa”, into real life action. Strictly a human community-focused, Not-For-Profit, solutions organization which Corporate Faith Responsibility (CFR) prioritizes Genuine Need, Efficient Solutions and Accountable Impact, the AMDF will be solely funded in perpetuity through a percentage of its statutory investment returns from proprietary shares in all Africa EDUCare projects.

AMDF Intervention

AMDF Intervention is primarily focused in five Action Areas:

  • • Capacity-Building Scholarships for Youth
  • • Critical Life-Preservation and Quality Life-Enriching Healthcare Assistance
  • • Focused Research Funding for African Pandemic Pathologies
  • • Local Community Environmental Development Solutions
  • • Faith-Based Community Impact Empowerment

Principled Non-Discrimination

AMDF Assistance is a God-imperative privilege provided strictly and exclusively based on proven need and shall, on no condition, be knowingly denied a truly needy person on the discrimination of age, race, color, gender, tribe, nationality, religious, ideological or political creed, physical, mental or spiritual handicap or challenge. The Foundation in its true stewardship of life, however has the unqualified responsibility to refuse or reverse the misapplication or misappropriation of its scarce resources to projects, causes or requests adjudged to advocate, support, promote or indifferent to social decay in morality, values and standards, or that contribute in anyway to social conflict, the disintegration of the family or of natural order of creation. For such would be a negation of, and in direct conflict with its very raison d’être.

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• Professional Education Consulting, Institutional Planning, Marketing & Recruitment Services

• Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Workshops for Organizations & Private Individuals (Educational Conferences, Seminars & Training)

• University & College Placement (Agency) Services

• Career, Family, Psycho-Social & Clinical Counseling Services

• Visa Processing, Tourism & Consular Services (Work, Students & Visitors)

• Security & Background Check Services





* Facilitate overseas institutional admissions and placement for healthcare, technology & management professionals

* Enhance Access to World Class Training and Best Practices

* Reduction of Shortages in Quality Healthcare Workforce in Nigeria

* Global Connectivity with Top Educational Institutions for Healthcare and Technology Professionals

* Interprofessional Teaching and Learning Opportunities Enhancement

* Accelerated Technology Transfer between Industrialized Economies and Nigeria

Building, Learning, Caring

Accelerate sustainable development initiatives in mobilizing global investment resources for revolutionary African Education and Healthcare capacity enhancement.

A Mission-driven Vehicle powered by creative commitment for African development impact through Education and Healthcare.

Driving Global Resources for a Sustainable Development impact in Africa's Education and Healthcare

  • Disruptive Creativity
  • Transparent Character
  • Compassionate Engagement
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Development

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